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Eavestrough Siding, Soffit and Fascia HOME STARS

At The Eavestrough Company we only use the best eavestrough products on the market backed by the best warranty. Using superior Boncor materials demonstrates our commitment to using the highest quality materials available. Gentek and Kaycan materials are available upon request.
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We use a variety of different manufacturers for our soffit, fascia, and siding. This allows us to present to our customers a large selection of colors and products

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Best of 2012 Hamilton Award.

Very professional. Excellent service and a great job done. I had my whole house done with new eavestrough, soffit and fascia. I completely changed the colour from what it was. My house is the most beautiful house on the street. ..Read More

Eavestrough Hamilton Eavestrough, sidingm soffit and facia Homestars

The Eavestrough Company is Southern Ontario's Gutter Filter, eavestrough and gutter installation, and eavestrough and gutter cleaning service. We proudly serve the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara Peninsula, Haldimand/Norfolk County and Brant County area, providing service for your eavestrough and gutters.

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Every year I get calls from customers who state that water is gushing over the side of their eavestroughs and flooding their home. When I arrive, I find the eavestroughs and or downspouts plugged solid with leaves. Remember, if you or your neighbours have large trees and they are 50-100 feet away from your house, DEBRIS IS GETTING INTO YOUR EAVESTROUGH.


Eavestrough protectionThe plain truth about Gutter Protection!

I've been a home owner for 26 years. I bought my first home in 1985. Since that time, home owners have attempted to try and keep debris out of their eavestroughs. Back in those days, there simply did not seem to be a product that worked. There was a plastic mesh with large diamond shaped holes. There was a metal wire mesh with large diamond shaped holes. Some people simply tried to wire on a fine wire fencing type mesh. Nothing worked.

The old screen/mesh leaf guards of the past had to openings that are to big and were hard to secure properly. These mesh leaf guards are most likely why most homeowners feel that leaf guards do not work well. They worked okay at best. They required cleaning underneath with too much debris getting into the gutter. This resulted in extra work or charges from gutter cleaning companies. See the picture below of the old mesh as compared to a more modern leaf guard design. ..Read more

Eavestrough gaugeWhat gauge aluminum should you use?

When it comes to installing eavestrough, I am often asked about what gauge we use. There are 3 thicknesses of aluminium that are used for eavestrough:

1. .0235 eavestrough gauge is most commonly used as it has the widest colour selection and can hold up to most residential applications. It is available in about 35 different colours from our supplier (Gentek, Boncor, or Kaycan)

2. .027 eavestrough gauge is slightly thicker than the .023 and is available in about 15 colours from our supplier.

3. 0.32 eavestrough of an inch which is the thickest aluminium that our seamless machines can form. It is available in about 15 colours as well. This heavier gauge is commonly used for the larger 6 inch eavestrough and is not necessary for 5" eavestrough.

We can check the thickness of our heavy eavestrough gauge .032 aluminium using a digital calliper as shown below: ..Read more

Eavestrough shingle damage

Eavestrough Downpipe

When you look around at two story homes, it is very common to see the eavestrough downpipes from the upper second story roof routed directly on to the roof on the first story. Most home owners never think about it, and it also allows an eavestrough company to save money on downpipe or give the customer a cheaper estimate to a customer.

However, routing the downpipes in this way is simply WRONG!!! Look at the picture. Do you notice anything? This roof is not old and the water has not been running down this area for too many years. Can you see the excessive staining and the dampness from the huge volume of water that continually runs down this one area? This roof is a 30 year roof! I guarantee you that the roof directly in front of this downpipe will last less than 15 years. It may not even last 10 years! Why? Water is powerful and it will begin to damage and curl these shingles. Want proof? Here you go! Look at the shingles directly in front of this downpipe! They are ruined! ..read more

Eavestrough downpipe

What's in an Estimate?

I do hundreds of estimates every single year. There are some people who look for numerous estimates. Then there are others who have met me and receive the quote and accept it and do not look else where. People are different. It is my belief that those who accept my job as the first and only quote accept it because they trust me and believe I will offer the quality service I promise to deliver. The other group, who is looking around for the best price also want a quality job but are looking for who can get the job done the cheapest. This is good! However, you must remember that not all estimates are the same so questions must be asked.

I lost securing a job recently where I quoted on Eavestrough, Fascia, Soffit, capping a few hundred feet of trim, and gutter protection. I itemized it all for the customer. The customer has a car port and decided not to do that as it would add hundreds to the cost.

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eavestrough material

Choosing the best quality material for eavestroughs

Eavestroughs are made out of a few different materials. The most common materials are aluminum, steel, copper and vinyl. Aluminum is by far the most widely used material in North America. This is because it can be formed into a seamless eavestrough and will not rust. Steel and copper can also be formed into a seamless eavestrough but steel is prone to rust and copper is very expensive!

Vinyl cannot be fed through seamless eavestrough machines. Because of this they are usually purchased in 10 foot lengths at stores like Home Depot and Lowes. You will never see a professional using this product and is generally purchased by homeowners attempting to do it themselves. Vinyl eavestroughs should be avoided as the material is really not good quality and there are seams everywhere which are prone to leak. It is also extremely difficult to fit them together and slope them properly. We stripped a house recently of all its vinyl eavestroughs. They were leaking everywhere! ..read more

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The Eavestrough Company specializes in eavestrough! We install, protect and clean eavestroughs! We proudly serve the greater Hamilton area - Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara region, Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant counties, Mississauga and Toronto.

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